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“It is time to create together.

The universe is a network of energy”




AIR , Symbolizes the mind, objectivity, the possibility to establish relations. To think



MASCULINE, It refers to an exit, action, dynamics, extroversion, a way out.



Fixed, Every fixed sign has a characteristic of inertia, stabilization.

Exoteric Ruling Planet:




Water carrier

Date of the Year: 

21st January to 18th February


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From the symbolic point of view, between Capricorn and Aquarius an abyss opens up and it is necessary to take a leap to pass from one sign to another. Beyond the dimension that Capricorn symbolizes, we are on the edge of chaos. Where — seen from the previous signs — the open, the unpredictable, the chaotic reigns.


Aquarius is about jumping into the void, into the space where all forms disappear and where constant relationships or laws can no longer be differentiated.


The image that would best represent this sign is that of a carnival. Every year people hide their usual identity and show a new and unrecognizable face. Through the game of masks all relationships become possible and what was forbidden is now achievable.


Fixed identities, taboos, conventions and agreements, fall into the transgressive chaos unleashed by the absence of fixed identities. Old faces dissolve behind disguises and each one is discovered with an unknown spontaneity.

Blockages and repressions are broken for a moment and all the energy contained for the rest of the year is suddenly released. Popular wisdom knows that by breaking the established order at all points and simultaneously, something is renewed in the deep fabric of the community. In the loss of identity that carnival favors, social time is canceled and everything becomes possible.


Carnival shows us the renewal of identities caused by the discontinuity of the quotidian time and the creativity that appears in every system when it moves on the edge of chaos.

It shows us through rituals, how a new dimension comes in cyclically to break the ties built throughout previous history. Later, that dimensional gap will close again.

In the logic of the mandala, every stable, regular and predictable process must necessarily break when it reaches fullness and fluctuate for an instant on the edge of chaos. On that edge the maximum creativity of the entire cycle is reached.


Aquarius is the sign of the leap, of change, because it comes from Capricorn, from the top of the mountain, so the next step is to jump to the new.


The deep perception in Aquarius is that reality is energy, it is an energetic framework. Creativity is a circulation of energy, there is not just one part that is creative.


The paradox of Aquarius is that it is essentially group energy and, at the same time, it is energy of absolute independence and freedom. It is the maximum differentiation and, in turn, always a group, a network, it is always an encounter, it is always totality which moves through individuals. Reality is community and, at the same time, maximum freedom, the maximum sensation of being different and standing out within any group.


In Aquarius the traditional thought guides are broken, the classical way of seeing things is broken, the approach to any subject is different from that of the others: new, renovating.


It is the sign of revolution, the demise of structure, the unforeseen, that which goes beyond what we can imagine, which goes beyond the frontiers of the rational and logic. It is full of ideals for the future, utopias.


Leo is the star at the center of the system, the Sun, and Aquarius is the infinite sky, full of stars, all with their own brightness, which bring that brightness to the whole.

Symbol: Aquarius is usually represented as a man carrying a pitcher overflowing with water, which spills over and runs. Water is a power that is distributed. Aquarius refers to the bearer of another dimension, who cannot do anything other than distribute his attributes due to its very nature which makes it impossible for it to appropriate them.