“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”
Hermes Trismegisto

Astrology is a skill, a knowledge that has been accumulated and transmitted through time.


If we go deeper we could say that it is essentially a perception:  a certain way of perceiving reality. A reality in which everything that exists is linked, intertwined and which takes us to a completely different dimension; a dimension where there is no separation, but rather what exists is a profound relationship, the interweaving of all reality as a single reality with distinguishable differentiations that are not separated from each other. Every form of existence is the result of an interaction.


Human beings have collectively agreed that we are separate entities from each other, we are culturally conditioned to perceive a world of separate objects and to distinguish ourselves as separate from the world that we recognize.


The human being is a complex system and is part of a larger system. The human body is an array of systems in which each level emerges from that which it precedes and, in turn, contains it. Every organism is made up of multiple minor systems and likewise participates in systems larger than itself.


As the system that the human being is, it is not isolated but rather part of a larger system, which is “family” and this in likewise is another system within a “culture” that is another system within the “civilization” and if we go on, it would end including man within the system that is the Solar System.


The Solar System repeats and replicates itself in each one of us in a fractal logic, in each small part forming the Universe is the entire encapsulated Universe.


Astrology invites you to investigate the link between heaven and Earth. This relationship is still a mystery to the human mind to this very day.

The closest interconnection that this knowledge reveals to us is: that the movements of the sky mirror those that happen on Earth, and that everything that happens in the external world is linked absolutely to events in the internal world of the person.


Astrology reveals to us the Order of the Universe, which we form part of, it helps us to discover that there is an intrinsic relationship between human beings and the Solar System; primarily because the human being is part of the Solar System, we are terrestrial organisms and the Earth is part of the System Solar.


The beauty of astrology consists precisely in distinguishing constellations, that is to say, structural relationships between aspects which are supposedly isolated and separate from reality.