In the Solar System the planets move around all the time and this produces a certain energetic vibration, our birth happens at a given moment within these planetary movements, we carry in us the energetic vibration of the moment in which we were born.

The energy with which we are made and woven is the same music, the same melody, that vibrated in the Solar System at the moment of our birth. We have an energetic body in addition to the physical body, this energetic body has certain qualities. The music of the cosmos made flesh.


The Universe is energy, an interweaving of different energetic qualities, the Universe is vibration, the Universe is music and, that vibration, that energy changes with each instant and is condensed into terrestrial forms, it becomes a body, it incarnates in human beings, and These shapes are structurally interconnected to the point that each of us is interconnected with the Solar System and is a fractal bit of the Solar System on Earth. Each moment vibrates in a different way; it has a unique, singular, unrepeatable quality.


What we refer to as a birth chart is a symbolic representation in two dimensions of a specific moment of this planetary movement, perceived from the Earth, symbolizing the "basic energetic framework" of a person.

With this chart, knowing the language of astrology, knowing this symbolic language, we can read, understand and perceive what the energetic potential of the person is. 

At birth we are, from the astrological point of view, a potential quantum of energetic information congruent to the one that vibrated at that moment of the movement of Heaven. That quantum of information is encoded in the astrological symbolic system, in the same way as musical notes are encoded as information in order to play a melody. 


The musical notes are the mathematical code of the melody, the genetic code contained in the DNA molecule includes characteristics of the biological body that remain latent and depend on certain triggers in order to manifest itself. In this same way, the celestial code, called the birth chart, includes specific vibrational information that will be displayed in a human being throughout their development.


The code is presented, according to Rudhyar's powerful metaphor, as a seed in which the potential unfolding of the tree is involved. This tiny seed includes and encapsulates all of the chemical, biological and vibratory information; what species it forms part of, the colour and shapes of its leaves, its trunks and branches, the specific root it has and subsequently what kind of fruit it will bear.  Also included in this code is information about the type of soil, climate and irrigation that this specimen would need to develop to its maximum potential.

In the moment in which you were born is all of the vital information involved waiting to be unfolded. And that is the birth code.


Astrology claims that each day that passes, each hour that goes by brings a different quality. The planets rotate in their orbits generating new patterns. These drawings are the birth charts of the children who are being born every moment; the map that expresses the profound order in which the existence of a person is inscribed. Everything that happens here on Earth is mysteriously interwoven with the movements of Heaven. It is the mirror of our true self.