The circle, like a ring, symbolizes continuity, that which has neither a beginning nor end. It refers to  an infinite space; to the universal.


Mandala in Hindi means circle and in the East mandalas are used as a ritual instrument of contemplation and spiritual concentration. A mandala delimits a sacred space. Within that mandala is the sacred, which transcends and includes the fragmentary state of consciousness. The mandala is a symbol of consciousness. Consciousness to learn to move from one state to another.


The zodiacal circle, this vibrant matrix, has an essential characteristic which is the fact that it is a mandala. The Zodiac is the fundamental symbol of astrological language. It is the ordering matrix where the rest of the symbols are organized.

It is called a mandala because it is an instrument which gives and allows us access to a non-visible world, composed of the energetic characteristics of each zodiac sign. When we refer to ‘doing a birth chart’, we are within the universe of astrology; we are within a sacred space.


The astrological mandala consists of 12 signs that describe 12 different types of energy. The positions of the signs are not random. Each of the signs of the Zodiac has a meaning which depends on the other symbols. It is a complex structure in which no piece is independent from the other.


The signs of the Zodiac, or the vibrational fields they symbolize, are not sums of characteristics casually placed side by side, but rather coherent differentiations of the same entity: the Zodiac. Each sign is an angle within the Totality.