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“It's time to play, to experiment, to communicate. The universe is relations.”




AIR, Symbolizes the mind, objectivity, the possibility to establish relations. To think



MASCULINE, It refers to an exit, action, dynamics, extroversion, a way out.



MUTABLE, After the power of the Cardinal, the resistance of the Fixed, this third movement can be considered an oscillation of the mutable.


Exoteric Ruling Planet:





Date of the Year: 

22nd May to 21st June


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It is the third sign of the zodiac, a moment of dispersion, once the male and female opposites have been found in the Aries and Taurus pair, Gemini must present the third option that includes both and at the same time is neither of the two.


Gemini is the son, the fruit of the union of the feminine and the masculine, in Christian esotericism it is believed that Christ was born under the sign of Gemini, being the son of the Father, the messenger of God, the spirit (Aries) on Earth ( Taurus), the one who creates a bridge or portal between Heaven and Earth. Christ is "the one who stands in the middle." The one, who comes from something closed, but universalizes it.


It is a Trinitarian structure. Father-Mother-Son: what links the two.

It is the fruit of union and that is why it is the first air sign of the Zodiac, indicating relationships, the union of what is different, the coexistence of two different ones on the same ground.


It is not the time to choose just one option, but rather the time to allow both options to be present, whether they are two possible ideas, two choices, this sign will always be open to a new alternative.


And if you come to a conclusion and choose between two alternatives, you will soon find a third option opens up, since systematic doubt is its engine.


Gemini represents a moment, adaptable and plastic enough, that allows you to reunite the two previous poles. If E = mc2, in Einstein's terms, what interests us is that energy and mass are a relationship. They define each other and there is a link. The quality of this energy is going to be to adapt in order to join.


This third space, phase, of the zodiac, is the relationship between the poles and the verification that the universe is a link. It is between positive and negative at the nuclear and electromagnetic level, between gametes at the sexual level, between energy and matter, such as zero and one in artificial intelligence, or as the connection and disconnection of the synapses of neurons.


Gemini is the infinite dynamics of the universe, life as a relationship between opposites that define each other, and that are mutually necessary.


The Universe as a relationship. What exists is the relationship. There is no "one independent factor that is then related", but what comes first is the relationship.


The subject is born from the bond, and not the other way around. Astrology deeply questions the fact that there is an autonomous and independent subject of their relationships. We emerge from relationships. We are links and not independent entities that link.


The idea is to be open. It symbolizes experimentation as a necessary means of evolution, it is movement without any direction, playing for the sake of playing, with no other purpose than the discovery of diversity. The characteristic of this phase is the relational, associative movement of incessant combinations.

These changing experiences, the energy of the sign proposes, enables new possibilities in the zodiac.


It is the symbol of the mind and rational thought, when we think we use association, linking different words or ideas and finally we obtain a final sequence.


It creates words, puts words to things that previously did not have words, the possibility of thinking or communicating did not exist in the Zodiac. Gemini is the sign that inaugurates communication through languages ​​and its associative capacity.


Everything communicates and, although it seems that it separates, it is then attracted to another pole and recombines again.


The important thing for Gemini is that there is information. It means that life is seen eagerly, as something that provides information that enrichens, varies, recombines, and circulates again.


The living is communication. In the Gemini Universe, isolation is not conceivable: nothing can be isolated, outside, separated from the communication network.


Reality is the "link." "The same" is divided, the UNITY is divided and is reunited through the bond.


Just as "curiosity" is the mental aspect of Gemini, there is also something that energetically is very deep in the essential: a deep loving quality. Gemini can never exclude.


This represents a much more abstract love than the personal love we are used to. It is an energy of love, in the sense that nothing is left out.


What Gemini is essentially is that everything is linked.


Symbol: The symbol of Gemini are twins because duality appears in action, the two are shown at the same time, the variety of possibilities, the lack of commitment to something definitive and stable, polar opposites are the essence of this sign. 

In mythology, it is represented by the pair of twins Castor and Pollux, one had a divine father and another a terrestrial father, showing how this pair becomes the communicator between heaven and earth.