Understanding the Sacred Language of Astrology allows us to feel the intrinsic relationship between Heaven and Earth, and shows that this link is the very foundation of existence.


There are many languages ​​besides language itself. Every artistic technique is a language which can communicate a message.

In paintings, different elements are used; color, lines, value, and their combination is what creates a piece of art.

In music, there are the seven musical notes which, when combined in different ways, produce specific pieces of music.

In astrology, there are twelve signs and the way in which they are combined also expresses a piece. Each of us is one of those pieces and astrology provides the language to understand, we call this piece a human being and we consider it a system.


Astrology is a language, it is a system of complex symbols which allows us to find relationships in places where we did not see them before. A symbol is an image that represents an energetic quality and communicates inwardly with the various planes of experience; connecting the divine with the human.


The root of the term symbol initially referred to one half of a totality that became significant when reciprocated with the other half. There is a half that refers to the visible world: the material world and another half that refers to a non-visible, non-material dimension and when the two unite they become significant.


Astrology belongs to the family of what we could call the "sacred languages". The sacred refers to that which discovers the structural relationships between things and communicates the experience of unity; it is a language that does not divide.

Language shapes our mind, our thoughts and the way we comprehend and understand reality. Astrology is a sacred language that reminds us, even when we cannot feel it, that what seems to be separate is actually connected: "In each part is the Whole."