Title: LEO
Edition: #05

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“It’s time to differentiate between each other, time to discover oneself and express oneself.

The universe is irradiation.”




FIRE, Symbolizes action, dynamics, movement, a spark. To desire



MASCULINE, It refers to an exit, action, dynamics, extroversion, a way out.



FIXED, All fixed signs have a characteristic of inertia, stabilization. In Leo, what is fixed is the being, it clings onto an identity.


Exoteric Ruling Planet:






Date of the Year: 

23rd July to 23rd August


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A difference is now manifesting itself, one that could never have been stabilized in the first step, in the Big Bang, due to its excessive intensity. The process created a stable difference: the star, as the creator of new elements in its interior and radiant, so that these elements are distributed throughout the universe.


What was conceived in the closed container that is Cancer must come out and appear, a product must manifest itself and it is time for everyone to see it. Cancer makes room for the son he was raising and he sees the light, Cancer is the sign of feelings and Leo is the sign of emotions. Emotions are feelings that are shown, are expressed and manifested.


Just as Cancer makes this movement in which it centralizes and excludes, Leo makes the movement of the Solar System: it marks a center and a periphery, a center that radiates towards a periphery. An interior that is externalized, has enough power to go out and manifest itself. Leonine energy refers to causing "resonance."


Leo is the sign of self-expression, it needs to find something in the center of itself, in its inner world, the world that corresponds to Cancer and creates a piece to show what his personal expression is.


It symbolizes the heart, the central organ of the body that with each beat distributes vitality to the whole body through the blood, which represents genuinity in each one. Leo is in charge of distributing the vitality of fire, which is concentrated on its product and is offered to others, which is nothing other than Leo’s own identity expressed in his piece, that is why he signs his expressions. He looks to transcend through his piece, pride and personal dignity are their values. 


The previous Fire sign that we saw was Aries, it is the sign of desire, Leo is the sign of will, desire is something instinctive and primary, without a filter of consciousness, instead will implies a purpose and a development, it is the need to capture the force of fire in a piece.

Man appears for the first time in the zodiac. And as a consequence of the apparition of the human, identity and consciousness also appear, the consciousness of oneself that can be expressed in concrete manifestations. Leo accumulates identity.


Following Cancer, Leo has a past that ties them to the tribe and the community and a great insecurity, that past is reflected in their dependence on the external gaze, their need for an audience to give them back their image; to vibrate with their expression and resonate with what it wants to show.


Leo's energetic archetype is the Sun. This is something that is fixed, centralized, a key location, and an exuberant source of energy. The entire solar system revolves around the Sun, it is a source of life and takes up a great space in the sky.

Symbol: The lion, the king of the jungle, from a special position, from the center, he radiates so that everything revolves around him.