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“It is time to feel the resonance between everything. The universe is love”




Water, Symbolizes the the unconscious, feelings, receptivity, that which has no edge and that we want to contain, To feel



FEMININE, Interiority, receptivity, introversion, inward movement.



MUTABLE, After the power of the Cardinal, the resistance of the Fixed, this third movement can be considered an oscillation of the mutable


Exoteric Ruling Planet:




Two fishes in opposite directions


Date of the Year:

19th February to 20th March


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In the symbol the arches represent two fish in parallel, the tail of one located at the height of the head of the other, swimming in opposite directions, but at one level they are united.


The fish take us to the water, to an internal world, one fish is looking at earth and the other at the sky, one symbolizes the soul and the other the personality, both indissolubly linked.

The Pisces man has to represent these two impulses; the impulse that brings us to the empirical world of the concrete and the one that takes us to the world of the night where each one inhabits his interior while sleeping.


Pisces is the sign furthest from concrete reality. It is the last sign and the one that includes all the others, the sign of dissolution, where everything is possible and nothing is defined from materiality, the form is lost. It symbolizes the union with the Whole, its skin is metaphorically porous, it feels beyond its skin, it has lost certain limits that keep the rest of the beings separate from each other. It is a very sensitive sign because it carries within itself the experiences of everyone else.


The energy of Pisces is truly loving in the sense that it identifies with all forms and all aspects of life. In this extreme sensitivity is the ability to reverberate, resonate, echo, identify with everything that exists and exclude absolutely nothing, but not by thought but by purely being.


Flowing and sliding in the psychic currents of the mass, Pisces must not only confront its own personal unconscious, but also the collective unconscious of its race.

The very notion of the deep unconscious is Pisces. The unconscious is a level of reality in which information circulates in a completely different order to the order of the everyday world.


In the subatomic levels of matter, the categories of time and space cease to exist or, at least, they completely change their meaning, just as dozens of dimensions appear that go much more than the three - or exceptionally four - that we can perceive in the plane of our daily existence.


As an essence it is a totally helpful and cooperative energy. Pisces’ capacity of empathy is at maximum level. If we follow the logic of the zodiacal pattern, this loving maturity - Pisces - is the culmination of a long sequence of "personal" developments that reach their culmination - and turning point - in Capricorn. In this, the personal level is identified with the universal.


The Buddha's refusal to enter Nirvana before the last living being has been able to do so clearly expresses the quality of compassion inherent in this sign. It is not about personal sacrifices or obedience to a higher power but about the ability to identify with the whole, in which dualities and any personal dimension no longer make sense.