In astrology, the zodiac is a celestial sphere band 18 degrees wide centered on the ecliptic; which is not fixed and moves slightly over time on the background of the sky.


This energy band is divided into 12 equal parts: zodiac signs, taking Aries as the point of reference, the point of intersection between the ecliptic and the celestial equator.


Zodiac signs are areas of the celestial sphere that are defined differently to constellations of the same name. In that way, both the zodiac sign and the constellation of the same name cover different areas of the celestial sphere.


The Babylonians and Greeks separated this band into twelve equal parts, twelve equal parts of sections in the sky with an extension of a thirty degree arc and given the name of the twelve most prominent constellations seen in each of the subdivisions.


When the Zodiac first appeared, each energetic space or sign coincided with the constellation it symbolized.