NFT Collection and  Serie code: ZHG-01

Title: ARIES



Edition: # 01


# 01


Collection: ZODIAC 


Edition: #

Attributes: 1 of 3 Fire Sign

Resolution: 2400 x 3000  /  Tools: Cinema 4d , Maya, Arnold, Photoshop, Premier  /  Size: 17.3M Bytes



“It's time to start.

The universe is a creative explosion”




FIRE, symbolizes action, dynamism, movement, spark, to desire



MASCULINE, refers to the exit, action, dynamics, extroversion



CARDINAL, It is linked to a beginning and the power that is necessary to put something in motion


Exoteric Ruling Planet:






Date of the Year:

21st March to 20th April


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Bearing in mind that every sign follows the previous sign, it is important to consider that Aries comes from the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, which symbolizes dissolution, no form, which, due to its characteristics, causes symbiosis and a dream-like state, such as paradise or heaven; the maternal womb, a hypnotic place, a place of total undifferentiation, and no manifestation of the personal.


It takes a lot of momentum to leave that state, if you cannot summon the maximum power possible you run the risk of being caught and not being able to get out. And that's where Aries’ power and speed comes from; from the desire to leave that celestial world and to start the life cycle.


In this sign the Great Wheel begins its cyclical turn. Cosmically speaking it is the sign of the Creation of the universe, it is the moment of liberation of the amorphous energy, the impulse which marks a direction and decides the drift of a process.


It is the beginning of the human being in the circle of experience.


In the phase of Aries, the Universe is pure fire, pure energy, pure activity.


It is the energy of beginning, initiative, action, dynamics, of extreme power. Aries, by definition, challenges the balance.


It is explosion, animal force, pure desire and sexual desire, it offers and radiates vital energy, whether in the physical or mental realm.


It symbolizes archetypal power, the ability to penetrate, define, conquer and manifest, appearing as an independent being with total self-belief and great courage. The first sign is not an accident, it is that which opens the zodiac; fire and cardinal. These two factors give it the power that is necessary to start, and that is a constant need: the need to start and create, and therefore it never becomes a finished product, it is in eternal formation. However, its creations do not matter as Aries only pays attention to the act of creating, there it finds its libido; in the action which he undertakes.


It is the masculine sign of excellence, that of war and competition, it is always in the race and wants to win, to be the first, the most important, the most capable, the most unique because this shows its vitality and its ability to conquer and fight.


It is the first burst of life in the Zodiac, the Big Bang, and it has that force of manifestation. The beginning, the creator, the origin, the moment in which the whole process originates.


Its speed, its intensity, its heat are so overbearing that it cannot condense, thicken, nothing has a form. Aries has no form or shape, it only has a "feeling of being", this "power of being". There is only Desire.

Science has developed a theory that imagines the origin of the Universe as the "Big Bang": a great explosion, infinite heat that generates all the necessary energy that then cools, condenses and transforms into matter: Taurus.

Symbol: The ram is used to symbolize the sign of Aries because it is always full of energy and life, is constantly in movement and always searching for a challenge.