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# 01


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“It’s time to look after and protect each other in order to grow. The Universe is a family.”



WATER, Symbolizes the the unconscious, feelings, receptivity, that which has no edge and that we want to contain, To feel



FEMININE, Interiority, receptivity, introversion, inward movement.



CARDINAL, It refers to a beginning and the power necessary to initiate a movement.


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22nd June to 22nd July


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After Gemini who opens itself and opens to infinity proposing a dispersion to go through all the possibilities, the time has come to define, Cancer does this. The energy must go inwards and close for new energy to appear, thus ending with the eternal expansion of Gemini, where variants of the same are constantly occurring, where nothing new could last, where movement tends to have high vitality but does not last and, in this sense, everything is ephemeral.


And now, the energetic importance of Cancer appears: the need for isolation and the limit on producing the possibility of something new happening; the necessary and protective stability of relationships, so that what is new can take shape inside.


This is the sign of the beginning of life, the gestation of life. Given the vulnerability of any new outbreak, the germ must be well protected for the gestation to bear fruit. Borders must be closed and must clearly establish and delimit an inside zone and an outside zone, which form a refuge, that is why this is a sign of well-marked limits. With Cancer, one belongs to the tribe or does not belong. That is why it is a sign with great mass consciousness, of belonging to a homogeneous group where differentiation is not important, the emphasis is placed on the protection that is achieved by being all together and united, that is why it is the sign of the family.


Those inside the circle will receive immediate affection and acceptance and those outside will be rejected as dangerous. Protection and refuge are established on the basis of those rigid borders, which are essential like a shield. It considers the world as a shield of psychic protection, and a shield can never be soft.


Here "interiority" is created. In this sense it is the human sign of excellence. Here the "psyche" appears: an inner world.

In esoteric books it is symbolically said that: "souls incarnate in Cancer."


For there to be protection, there must be a limit, exclusion, so that a refuge can be built.

This is the uterus. It is an isolated, separate, protected area (it is the egg), which allows there to be a process that could not be carried out when exposed to the outside, because it is very delicate and takes time.

It is a type of energy that generates “protective environments” to protect something that cannot be exposed to the open.


The creation of a protective form - uterus, egg - allows great intimacy of relationships. This produces a relative undifferentiation of the interior elements. In this symbiosis, more and more intimate relationships are produced, so that the elements that are within the isolating / protective form —the clan, at the social level— become more and more interdependent.

Those gametes that are not lost, those protected cells, those individuals that do not disperse and are forced to constantly interact, enter a relative and necessary undifferentiation, because it is what will allow a new unit: Leo. That extreme stability and intimacy coagulate into a new unit, a new organism, a new identity.

Symbol: The crab is the animal that corresponds to Cancer, it is hard on the outside and very soft on the inside, that shell protects its high vulnerability and sensitivity and is a being from the sea, which symbolizes the unconscious world, where Cancer lives.