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Title: LIBRA



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# 01


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Attributes: 1 of 3 AIR Sign

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“It’s time to find oneself.

The Universe is a dance of complementary poles”




AIR , Symbolizes the mind, objectivity, the possibility to establish relations. To think

In Gemini, relations are important as well, but here the most important is a specific type of relation: a relation that harmonizes.



Masculine, It refers to exit, action, dynamics, extroversion, a way out.





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Date of the Year: 

23rd September to 22nd October


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Due to its position at the beginning of the second zodiacal hemicycle, Libra is the sign which explicitly shows that every aspect of reality has its opposite. From this perspective any action, manifestation or impulse can only arise in relation to another.


Libra knows that there is always an opposite pole because reality itself is presented as made up of opposites that, when complementing each other, define a totality, and it needs to include that opposite, to reconcile so that there is no confrontation between the two, but balance.


From Aries to Leo it is possible to imagine the existence of some entity capable of acting with absolute independence. However, starting with Libra this becomes an illusion. All activity, all creation, even existence itself, presupposes an encounter: reality is born from the interaction between complementary differences that incite each other in an endless dance of stimuli and responses.


From Libra, everything is "in pairs'', because there is an "other" and this is a radical change. In the universe of Libra there are no isolated entities or absolute singularities. The encounter is the foundation of reality and therefore, nothing and no one can remain complete in itself, be the sole origin or the eternal end of any process.


The Zodiac grows in complexity as it unfolds and Virgo constitutes its turning point. In this sign, entities which appear and claim to be separate discover themselves as part of an order that precedes them.


In the next phase, Libra, the Zodiac visibilizes the internal dynamics of that order: this is the codependency of its elements that, in an eternal swing, oscillate between one pole and another.


Libra is "complementary energy" and is highly discriminated against. In Leo and Virgo we reach a very high discrimination, and precisely for this reason, an "other" can now appear who, while being different, is also constitutive, that is, that they are fundamental while clearly differentiating themselves.


In the universe of Libra, everything tends dynamically towards equilibrium: one energy compensates for the other, the electron searches for the proton and the molecules are joined together attracted by their complementary valances. Day and night, hot and cold, life and death, the whole of nature appears as an oscillation between opposites. Both poles must be present, for the manifestation to be complete.


By taking an interest in the other, Libra develops the concept of community, living together and in harmony is his purpose and for this he has social values, it is social impulse. Libra is always aiming for ideals regarding the group, cooperation, relationships.


The seventh space of the Zodiac tells us that codependency is the fabric of the real.


Symbol: From a symbolic point of view, Libra is the only zodiac sign entirely represented by an inanimate object, which introduces the impersonal concept of Justice, as well as its impartial character. The justice of balance transcends any particular will or design. It acts with complete independence of motives or intentions.


The two plates seek to weigh, balance, weigh, evaluate different criteria and debate all the points of view of an argument. The whole object is made so that one dish is equivalent to another, to obtain an equality that is not naturally human.


The balance only oscillates and shows the consequences of the acts inexorably. Once the action - or the absence of it - takes place, the effects take place as a natural response of reality, which has nothing to do with supposed rewards or punishments. There is no intention in the Balance other than balance.