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“It’s time to accumulate and feel energy.

The universe is life.”




EARTH, Symbolizes stability, what is solid, concrete and practical. To make



FEMININE, Interiority, receptivity, introversión, movement within.



FIXED, Every fixed sign has a characteristic of inertia, stabilization. In Taurus the fixed is tangible, it clings to matter.


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21st April to 21nd May


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The second sequential moment is the opposite of the first, the apparition of the receptive and the disappearance of the active: the passage from the state of pure energy to that of mass.


Taurus is the second sign, an earth sign and fixed, and the one that provides the essential inertia to stop the immensity of Arian energy. An energy which if not stopped and added to a body, would be lost in an eternal manifestation which we cannot apprehend because it has no mass. It is then the necessary slowing down of energy until reaching a point of maximum inertia, as pure mass.


Being an Earth sign, it puts us in contact with the practical and physical world. That is why it has a weight and an inertia that the other elements do not have, because it symbolizes the world of the tangible, the empirical, the sensual, the senses, everything that we can verify by concrete means.


There is a need for slowness because it is necessary to accumulate, to reserve. It is necessary for matter to appear, even if it is potentially, as a state of “raw material”. The fundamental principle of Taurus is the "inertia of accumulation".


Taurus is the earth: that contains, sensuality, the joy our senses provoke. It symbolizes the feminine, the receptivity of the body. It is the need for stability and it is difficult for it to move; but once it moves it flattens everything in its way.


For Taurus, an action without an objective makes no sense, so it establishes an action and controls the energy to obtain production; it can be considered, both, passive yet productive. You cannot accelerate a growth process on earth, since it is organic, the seed does not obey our impatience but rather its internal rhythm. Taurus knows how to wait because its time is nature’s time.


The theme of time is key for this sign, the necessary time for everything to reach its necessary state; the time each being needs to develop, the internal time which is determined by its nature and not by a clock.


Hence the determination, its firm will in itself, the stability in its objectives and its concept of possession. The main thing is material.


Taurus symbolizes that which opposes resistance, mass, the substantial and seeks to preserve in matter the impulse thrown into the universe by Aries, it seeks to materialize it, and that Arian energy that is pure vitality is transformed into power when it meets the substance of that this sign exudes; power and concrete strength.


It is a sign of great power and strength, power in ability and its capacity of production.


Metaphorically, Aries is a straight line and must meet Taurus which is a circle. This will provide the necessary substance for the Arian impulse to incarnate and show itself in a concrete and tangible way.


What the Zodiac emphasizes here is that the energy of Aries was not lost, but was transformed: the fire of Aries is within all that mass of energy. The "free energy" is transformed into "matter". From the Universe we can see that after the Big Bang, after the “big explosion”, a cooling phase begins.


Just as the world of Aries is a "world of energy", the world of Taurus is a "world of matter."


It is fertile, black, rich soil ready to receive seeds. In Taurus we find the power of the material.


The spiritual spark of that first Arian fire is now present on a physical level, resulting in the Buddha or enlightened man, the matter inhabited by the spirit; Life.


Taurus never closes its eyes. Taurus contemplates. It is meditation understood as "attention".


The accumulation of mass, Taurus, in turn generates the gravitational attraction that slows down the process of unlimited expansion initiated by the explosion of the Big Bang: Aries. Here we see two great force vectors at play that constitute the expansion and contraction of the universe. In the Hindu image, the exhalation and inhalation of Brahma. And in this breath, we are already in Gemini.

Symbol: The Bull is a good symbol of the density, stability and forcefulness of the matter symbolized by this sign.