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Title: VIRGO



Edition: # 01


# 01


Collection: ZODIAC 


Edition: #

Attributes: 1 of 3 Fire EARTH

Resolution: 2400 x 3000  /  Tools: Cinema 4d , Maya, Arnold, Photoshop, Premier  /  Size: 17.3M Bytes



“It’s time to give in to the mystery and wait.

The Universe is a Created Order.”




EARTH, Symbolizes stability, what is solid, concrete and practical. To make



FEMININE, Interiority, receptivity, introversion, inward movement.



MUTABLE, After the power of the Cardinal, the resistance of the Fixed, this third movement can be considered an oscillation of the mutable.


Exoteric Ruling Planet:




Virgin with ear of corn


Date of the Year:

24th August to 22nd September

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Virgo is the sixth sign, the sign which indicates that we have reached the middle of the zodiac. The last step in the sequence occurs when that creative difference, Leo, is full of its power and the force of its exteriorization. Leo is experienced as unique, separate and as having emerged from a state of undifferentiation from which it feels superior. Now, Leo finds out that he is part of an order that is prior to him and an order in which he has always been.


This moment represents an encounter, a realization that, in reality, something much broader is happening than those Leo can understand. Those self-conscious and creative units, occur within a reality, within a much more extensive and complex order, which I will perhaps never be able to understand; in Virgo the sensation that Leo belongs “inside something” begins to appear.


Virgo is the notion that there is an infinitely larger order that completely exceeds the human. There is a previous order and everything that exists, each individuality, is within this order. This implies recognizing that our place in the Universe is a receptive place, it is a place that responds to this order.


The order that each of the elements fulfils a function within a system is fundamental. In Virgo there is a notion of "system". The Zodiac is a deeply Virginian matrix.


Contrary to Leo, it is more low-key and subtle and due to the fact that it is an Earth sign; it possesses the need to produce, take part in society and establish orders.


All the passion and enthusiasm of Leo, face the Earth element of Virgo and must give a concrete, productive result. Virgo abandons Leo’s pride and urgency and with humility must accept their own shortcomings; to be upright and honest and to criticize impartially, and without prejudice. Our ego must die and obey that of another non-tangible order. In Virgo, there is a deep feeling that there is an Order to which I surrender.


In this sign, the rationalization of work appears, its goal is "utility", as long as something offers us a use it deserves a place, that is why Virgo assembles systems, methods and forms of organization, all this is evidence of the principle of economy that governs Virgo. 

The Earth element in this sign alludes to a concrete substance that is incorporated into the totality through a restriction, an indispensable discipline, a very meticulous order that collaborates with the proper functioning of the totality.


Virgo represents that which transcends us in terms of understanding and that can never be encompassed by the world of the finite. Virginian activity refers to moving within the infinite, but constantly delimiting it. Virgo performs the service of mediator between these two worlds, from one order to another.


The energy of Virgo is extremely deep. Virginian psychology is very complex because it means becoming aware of ourselves as energetic beings in an energetic system, which is why the sense of self fades, becomes diluted.


Human beings are energy systems. Each one of us, each body that exists on the planet is a vibratory network, each one of us is woven as a network of different energetic qualities.


Energetic qualities that make a body, a human being, which at the same time is linked, interwoven with other bodies that are in turn interwoven with energetic qualities.


The Virginian thing is to say: "may it serve, may it be useful, may it enter into circulation with everything, into infinite circulation ..."


Symbol: Virgo's energetic archetype is the Virgin. The "virgin" has been impregnated, however, there is no reason behind it? By whom? what for?. The archetype of "the Virgin" is the fact that she has surrendered herself to a process that goes beyond her, that cannot be understood. In the figure of the Virgin, what is most relevant is her surrendering to the unknown. 


This is one of the deepest aspects of the Virginian; In Virgo there is a natural capacity to surrender to something that is beyond me, a capacity to occupy my rightful place in that which is beyond me, without worrying about controlling, dominating or knowing.